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The Vibe Check Spotify Playlist

What's up!

I don't produce much future bass music but ever since I first heard Illeniums remix of "don't let me down" I felt real love for the emotion and authentic feeling of the future bass genre. The genre has obviously evolved since then but the emotion that I first heard in that remix is still there.

I think I have a good taste for good music so a couple of days ago I created my first real curated Spotify playlist I call "The Vibe Check". The playlist will have, in my opinion, the best modern EDM/Pop Future bass music that I really like listening to when I'm driving my car or just want to listen to some great vibes when I'm chilling. That doesn't mean that the most streamed songs will be featured on the playlist it really means the best!

And if your looking for great EDM/pop and future bass music take a listen and then decide if you're going to follow the playlist! I'll update it whenever I find a new song I think fits the playlist.

For any producers and artists that want to have a placement on the list submissions are open so all you have to do is shoot me a DM on IG @thevibecheckplaylist or send an email to and I'll take a listen to your song. I'm looking for songs with relatable lyrics, quality in production. Don't be shy send me your best stuff!

Stay Safe out there


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