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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Hey you,

Let me begin with introducing myself. I'm Eric Lund, born and raised in Sweden. I've been doing sports my entire life, mostly playing football, but decided in 2016 that it was time to try something else, music. I learned the basics of production and writing myself trough videos on YouTube, but felt that I wanted to be more involved with the music industry and the people working in it and decided to attend an audio production program at SAE Institute, which I had found in an ad on facebook. Fast forward a bit to 2018 which was the year that I started my extension course for a Bachelor of audio production. I'm very close to graduating and only have my major project and internship left to complete.

It's now time for me to start my own business in production writing, mixing & mastering music and this platform is that start. So let me be the first one to welcome to my personal homepage that is going to be the central hub of everything that I do! Here you will be able to find links to all of my social media, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, my blog, production, mixing & mastering services, merchandise and much much more.

If you have any questions regarding my services and rates, or just to say hello, you can just send me an email found in the Contacts tab.

Feel free to follow me on my social media to keep up to date with what I'm doing and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel where I will be uploading all off my production, tips and tricks videos as well as guides if you want to learn more about music and music production!

See ya soon


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